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Experts Webinar: Caring for People with Heart, Brain and Cardiovascular Diseases during COVID-19
- Heart Brain 2021

Welcome Message

Heart Brain 2020 happy to invite you to join us for the 3rd International Conference on Heart and Brain (Webinar) which is slated on December 07-08, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.

The third series of Heart Brain 2020 will focus on the theme of “Caring for People with Heart, Brain and Cardiovascular Diseases during COVID-19” which will facilitate interactions with world-wide cardiology and brain experts.

The fields of cardiology and neurocardiology offer great opportunities for the advancement of human heart and brain diseases. Standing at the intersection neurocardiology and cardioneurology together these areas of research promise to change the brain and the neurologist to learn how the heart is affecting the brain.

We welcome you to attend the 3rd meeting (Webinar) of Heart Brain 2020 and to discuss the present issues and future research directions in the field of neurocardiology and cardiovascular diseases.

We look forward to hosting you in Heart Brain 2020 webinar!

Organizing Committee
Heart Brain 2020

About the conference

Allied Academies is pleased to announce the 3rd International Conference on Heart and Brain (Webinar), to be held from 07-08 December, 2020 at Barcelona, Spain.

Heart Brain 2020 Webinar is planned to meet the educational needs of Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Pediatricians, nurses and all other associated healthcare professionals who treat individuals with heart & cardiovascular complications.

The objectives of this webinar are:

  • To expand and improve the education of physicians through worldwide heart webinar, heart brain congress, cardiac surgery meetings, collaboration
  • To attain the best possible heart health for all people around the globe
  • Support the development of medical and clinical research on neurocardiology and cardiovascular diseases
  • Provide a platform to present new ideas and treatments for heart and brain surgery
  • Promote the scientists and physicians to share the research works and formulate new medical innovations

We hope the conference will challenge and encourage you, and contribute to knowledge transfer, collaboration and networking.

Heart Brain 2020 webinar invites you all to stay engaged, active and help us to shape the future of Heart, Brain and Cardiovascular medicine.

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